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Old World / New World
These images were taken during travels to Spain in July of 2000 and to Oaxaca, Mexico in November 1999. The images are explorations of landscape, culture and history, and how these variables are tied to one another, as well as how they have been translated through the colonization of Oaxaca by Spain.

Window View, Nela
San Juan de los Reyes, Toledo
Iglesia de Santo Domingo
Window View, Cuilapan

Cueva del Ojo Guareña

Cats of Toledo

Stock Market, Oaxaca

Cactus at Sunset

Sunflowers of La Mancha
Windmill at Consuegra
Cactus in Bondage
Mopping, Museo Nacional de Oaxaca
Castillo Torre Aragón
Nest of the Egyptian Vulture
Flowers After the Day of the Dead
Courtyard, Museo Nacional de Oaxaca
Saint on Bridge at Burgow
Cactus, Jardin Etnobotanico
Angel of El General

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